Wonder Soil® Hydro Coir®
Premium low salt coco fiber guaranteed

WONDER SOIL® is a Las Vegas manufacturer which stocks over 1 million lbs. of fresh, washed, buffered, and mixed coco coir.

WONDER SOIL® compressed coir expands instantly.      Easy to transport!      Easy to store!      Easy to use!

  • Guaranteed fresh coir with low salts
  • Dry coir is cleaner than hydrated coir bags
  • A 1.5 cu ft bag expands to 7.5 cu ft
  • Custom mixes available
  • Prevents nutrient loss from over-watering and protects plants from under-watering
  • Promotes stronger and larger root systems
  • Guaranteed consistency promotes better results
  • Produces heavier yields
  • Factory volume discounts available

Save Up to 50% Water

  • Water saving polymer formula retards evaporation
  • Huge water, power, nutrient, and labor savings
  • Unlimited shelf life

Save Up to 90% on Freight

  • Ships dry and compressed
  • Saves up to 90% on freight
  • 1 truck of WONDER SOIL® equals 9 trucks of traditional soil

Mixing WONDER SOIL® with Sand to Green the Desert

  • Mix WONDER SOIL® with sand to green the desert
  • Promotes faster germination and stronger root systems
  • Use WONDER SOIL® in all desert planting applications

Tomorrow's Soil Today

  • WONDER SOIL® "Reground" for grass fills in bare spots and can grow a full lawn from seed in 7 to 9 days
  • The WONDER SOIL® strong root system can root into all foundations including hard pack and clay

Wonder Soil® on the Playing Field

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