Tunnel Fill Bag

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One 6 LB bag of Tunnel Fill fills up to 200 ln ft of Gopher Tunnels after water is added!

Tunnel Fill can be used with any burrow including gophers, moles, squirrels, ground hogs, woodchucks, voles, skunks, badgers, rabbits, and more! 

Prevent landscape or yard damage by filling otherwise empty tunnels! Add water and watch Tunnel Fill expand and turn into an applesauce consistency. Tunnel Fill uses natural spices to deter rodents from coming back! 

No special license required for using Tunnel Fill, it is biodegradable, non-toxic, family and pet safe!

How to use Tunnel Fill:

Find the rodent's burrow and pour a handful of Tunnel Fill wafers down the hole. Use your hose to flush water down starting on high pressure for one minute then medium pressure for two minutes. Go to the other end of the tunnel and repeat. Tunnel Fill will expand to completely fill a tunnel as it absorbs the water. Please wait after you add water for the product to fully expand!

Tunnel Fill has an applesauce consistency and should not be above the ground. Seal all gopher holes with a Wonder Soil Tunnel Plug

Ingredients: Coco coir, natural spices, potassium polyacrylate polymers

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Customer Reviews

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Archola Harlow

have not used it yet, the critter left for awhile, going to try it on saturday if weather is good

Gerald Bartlett
Not sure how effective this product is going to be.

I used the Tunnel Fill on approx. 15 tunnels but was not convinced that the product was actually filling anything. Just seemed to disappear, on most tunnels, never appeared at the surface. A couple of tunnels that were apparently connected did fill and started to run out of the connected tunnel, but with most of them, the product just disappeared down the tunnel. My objective was to close tunnel openings to prevent voles and shrews from coming out and destroying my lawns. ALSO someone in your company needs to proofread the instructions printed on the back of the bag. Your product name is mis-spelled and there are other typo and grammatical errors. Makes you look unprofessional and does not inspire much confidence in the product itself.

Norman Sperry

I still have not yet received my order

Jerry Quinton
The best!

The best stuff I ever used! Most effective product I've used. Eliminates or deters ground squirrels and chipmunks! Completely fills in all the tunnels and chambers and escape routes!

Shelly H.
I filled the tunnels and the gophers have not been back.

Seems to we working great. I filled the tunnels in my backyard several months ago and have yet to see any new gopher activity. Just ordered another bag to do the front yard. Fingers crossed I have the same success.