Coco Coir Pots (Qty 12) 6" Pots

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Made from coconut husk fibers (coir), these pots have tremendous advantages over plastic pots:
  • You plant the pot directly into the ground causing little to no transplant shock.
  • With better air exchange, this "breathable" pot fosters robust root growth.
  • Made from a renewable resource requiring very little energy.
  • 100% biodegradable ‐ naturally becomes part of the soil on its own over time. No composting required.

The exceptional permeability to water, air and plant roots allows our plants to quickly grow a robust root system. In traditional plastic pots, plants will tend to become root-bound with a tightly interwoven root mass at the bottom of the container. When grown in our plantable fiber pot, the same plant grows healthy roots throughout the entire pot. The roots spread out in all directions and air prune as they exit the pot. Just plant the pot – they are ready to grow!