Wonder Soil Coir the Foundation of a Healthy and Productive Lawn and Garden

Fertile soil is one of the foundations of a healthy and productive lawn and garden. It provides structure, minerals, and a balance of living organisms and decaying organic matter to plant roots.
Wonder Soil Coconut Coir Fiber is a renewable resource. It increases water and nutrient retention, improves drainage and aeration while inhibiting pests, weeds and disease. Available potassium ratio protects plants from disease and promotes growth.
Coconut fiber not only boasts some great ecological qualities but it also has outstanding water and air holding capacity. It can hold eight to nine times its own weight in water without becoming anaerobic-even when saturated it can still hold on to around 22%. Coco coir is therefore a forgiving medium, allowing roots access to enough oxygen even when watered a little too enthusiastically.
Wonder Soil Coconut Coir also boasts antifungal and root promoting properties. Coco coir can suppress and protect plants from dreaded root diseases such as pythium and phytophthora.
A Premium coir based mix that expand up to 7 times when water is applied on site. It contains organics, minerals, nutrients, and gypsum creating a perfect growing environment for your lawn and plants. Can be used with existing soil or by itself.

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