About Us...

Enhance the growth of indoor and outdoor plants to their
fullest potential with this organic, premium, nutrient-packed potting soil mixes

Brand History

From passion to purpose...

Once upon a time, there was a woman named Patti Rubin,
a true change-maker with a vision for sustainable gardening, who had a passion for entreprenueurship and the environment. She teamed up with scientists and industry experts to create a compressed rich-nutrient coco coir wafer that could expand with nutrients to help with sustainability. She saw the potential for her product and moved to Las Vegas to it thrive.

Today, her daughter Lauren continues the legacy, providing innovative and organic products that support the health of the biosphere.

About Wonder Soil

WONDER SOIL® has forged ahead to become the front runner in COIR INNOVATION with numerous patents issued. WONDER SOIL® is committed to reduce the international environmental carbon footprint by producing state-of-the-art expanding planting mixes that are PEAT FREE AND save up to 50% water, space, freight, power, and labor

Our story
Our mission

Sustainable Mission

WONDER SOIL'S® patented mixes are 100% biodegradable and promote faster germination with stronger root systems, better growth, and healthier plants.

Patented Expanding Planting Mixes

A lightweight soilless growing medium made from PREMIUM COCO COIR with guaranteed low salts. It promotes a stronger root system, faster germination and enhanced plant growth. Our products are made in various sizes and formulas for different gardening applications and expand up to 7 times their volume when water is added.The inclusion of water-saving polymers allows a savings of up to 50% water, labor, and energy for up to 4 years. Our products promote exceptional gardening success for both the novice and the professional.

Our Sustainable Core Ingredients


Root fuel, anti-fungal, a powerhouse for plants. Coconut Coir Fiber is a renewable resource. It increases water and nutrient retention and improves drainage and aeration while inhibiting pests, weeds, and disease. The available potassium ratio protects plants from disease and promotes growth. Coconut fiber boasts some great ecological qualities!


Our Norwegian Kelp contains many wonderful things such as over 70 minerals and trace elements, growth hormones, vitamins, enzymes, and proteins. Kelp promotes better seed germination and mineral uptake. Kelp develops more extensive root systems, accelerate growth, increase fruiting and flowering, provide resistance to disease, insects and frostr.


Mycorrhizae are nature’s soil inoculants, tiny fungal filaments that work symbiotically with plant roots to help them absorb more moisture and nutrients. They also release enzymes, which help break down nutrients into forms more easily utilized. Other benefits include: Encourages vigorous root growth, reduces transplant shock, minimizes need for supplementation by increasing uptake and increases drought tolerance.


Polymers absorb, store and deliver water and nutrients on a consistent level. Our potassium polyacrylate polymers are more environmentally friendly, breaking down first into ammonia salts and then nitrogen and CO2 in about 4 to 6 months. 


A balanced, very light seed starting nutrient charge (NPK) Nitrogen-Phosphorous-Potassium. Carbon to Nitrogen 30:1.


Worm Castings stimulate plant growth and reduce soil erosion and compaction. It is a natural form of released plant food that reduces toxins from the soil to keep plants healthy. The roots will increase significantly resulting in a healthier plant that requires less water.