Tunnel Fill for Gopher Control

Tunnel Fill for Gopher Control

Tunnel Fill is used to backfill and close off gopher tunnels after eliminating gophers on the property. Another option is to flush gophers out of burrow systems, but more Tunnel Fill is needed for flushing because all tunnels must be filled leaving gopher no option but to surface to avoid drowning. Tunnel Fill is child safe and pet safe gopher control.

What is Tunnel Fill?
Tunnel Fill is designed for gopher tunnels, mole tunnels, squirrel tunnels, badger tunnels, groundhog tunnels or any other tunnel or animal burrow that you want to fill.  The powder is a combination of multiple sized hydro-absorbing material that expands to many times its original size. It contains natural repellents to repel future digging, and contains other proprietary ingredients. The secret and success of this formula is the different materials that expand at different rates to trap the gopher, fill the tunnels, burrows and nests and give the product longevity.

How much do I need?
There are lots of variables to this including how extensive the tunnels are, the target and the quality of your water. Higher quality water allows more absorption so lower quality water will require more product.

An average gopher tunnel system in Southern California where our product was tested took about 1/2 of our small containers to fill one system. A system is several mounds, feed holes, nests, food storage areas etc.

We would recommend buying two pounds for most small areas You can always buy more product if needed but this is enough to do a few systems with some product left over in case of a second application or future gopher activity.

If you have a large property a small property with a large number of tunnel systems 4 - 5 pounds may be a good starting point. Again, you can always purchase more if needed. Farms, parks, golf courses and other large area facilities may consider 50 pound purchases most economical.
Pest control companies wishing to add this product to their available services would probably start with 50 pounds. This will fill 40-100 systems depending on water quality, how big the systems are, etc.

How long does it take?

If you do all the holes at once you can fill the entire system in about 8 minutes.  You can work multiple systems at a time if the yard is full of holes.  This is the way our service business handles it.  You can do most front yards in about an hour or less.  We only recommend doing multiple systems at a time if you are familiar with product and how much it takes to fill the systems.  If you run out of product before finishing you will  not flush the gophers out of their tunnels and you will be left with lots of half filled systems.  On your first few times using the product do one burrow at a time to make sure you have enough product.

Why is Tunnel Fill so effective?
Tunnel Fill has many components built in to get rid of gophers.  First the expanding materials have different expansion rates.  The fast acting ones make the tunnels fill quickly to help trap the gopher and make the process faster.  The slower expanding rate materials make the tunnel swell beyond its normal pressure over a 8 or so minute time period. This forces the product to form together and make a compact filler to kill the gopher and back-fill the tunnels.  The composition of the product allows roots to grow through it, but no gopher wants to dig it out. The natural repellents in the product makes gophers cautious and unlikely to reinfest that area.  This is also very effective when filling the product into the tunnel because it causes chaos in the burrow system.  The gophers panic with an unwanted  smell, water and the fact that Tunnel Fill is closing in on them.  If the gopher gets caught in the Tunnel Fill it will not be able to move and the product will simply fill up around him encasing him in the tunnel.

Tunnel Fill also fills the entire burrow system destroying the nest, food storage, scent and any young that may be alive in the burrow.  If you have a neighbor with gophers that keep coming into your yard you can place the product in the closest hole to their yard and put Tunnel Fill into their system as well.  This will help to prevent them from coming into your yard anymore.

Can Tunnel Fill kill gophers?
YES!  See our How to Use page for more in depth information.

Why can’t I just use water and a hose to do the same thing?
Filling with water does not fill the burrow completely and can actually do serious irrigation damage to your property.  The gopher can simply get to high ground and not have to surface to escape the water and as soon as the water flow is shut off the water recedes.  Tunnel Fill fills the entire space much like expansion foam does to seal windows and doors, so there is no available space for the gopher to go.  He must surface or suffocate.  Plus, tunnel fill fills the tunnel to reduce sink holes, water loss and future infestations.  It looks like muddy applesauce when it is done.

Can Tunnel Fill be used on other burrowing pests?
YES!  Tunnel Fill can fill any burrow you need to fill including mole burrows, squirrel burrows, badger burrow, prarie dog burrows or any other type of pest and burrow you have.  Plus with the natural repellent built into the product it will help to repel these animals from re-digging the burrow in the same place.

Why fill the gopher tunnels / gopher burrows?
Filling in the hole makes it so that the ground does not sink as much over time from rain water, irrigation, or foot traffic.  Tunnel Fill will go down the hole, expand, and fill the void.  Because the material is made to absorb water it will help retain water from irrigation and save a considerable amount of run-off water that was previously going through the tunnels.  It helps give support when animals such as horses and cattle walk over old tunnel systems to reduce breaking a leg or other injury from stepping in a hole or tunnel.  It is important that the top of the holes be filled with dirt so they are solid, Tunnel Fill has an applesauce consistency and is made to be 3-4 inches below the dirt level.  It also gives plant roots something to grow into instead of dead air space increasing plant production.

What about growing plants, trees and lawn where Tunnel Fill is applied?
Tunnel fill will allow roots to grow right through it and having Tunnel Fill to fill the void in the gopher hole will encourage growth.  The are organic fertilizers built in that will encourage root growth and plant growth.  Because of the water absorbing properties of Tunnel Fill it will actually attract roots and help to get your yard or garden back to a fertile growing area.

Is Tunnel Fill safe?
YES!  It is perfectly safe in fact you do not even needs gloves to apply.  After Tunnel Fill has absorbed water it can be a slip hazard, especially on concrete.  If it becomes a slip hazard throw a little dirt on it and sweep it up.

Do you need special equipment to apply it?
NO!  Only a garden hose or other water supply is needed to get the product down the holes.

Do I need a license to use Tunnel Fill?
NO!  There are no pesticides or chemicals added and is safe for all ages.

Is Tunnel Fill safe around children and pets?
YES!  The product is very safe with no chemicals added.  Do not consume Tunnel Fill.  Once in ground and absorption is complete and is a very safe product.  It is slippery when wet.

Will animals dig out Tunnel Fill after it is applied?
NO!  Tunnel Fill has an applesauce like consistency when hydrated and difficult to dig out by hand (paw).  During our proving
period for this product we never once saw evidence of the product being re-dug out.

Won’t new gophers just did new tunnels?
YES, but not likely near the holes filled with Tunnel Fill, and hopefully in your neighbor’s yard or in the natural/wild areas around your property.  Additionally, it forces them to dig in new dirt which means the mounds will be visible above ground, which then means they can not come in undetected in already established tunnels.  This makes treating new infestations that may occur much quicker and easier.  When a new hole appears, you get your Tunnel Fill and take care of them.

How long does Tunnel Fill last?
There are variables such as water quality and amount of fertilizer used in the area which affect the longevity of Tunnel Fill, however, for most applications around a home the product will last about 4-5 years.  This will be enough time to let the ground slowly fill in the holes and tunnels naturally without you ever knowing where the tunnel was.

Is Tunnel Fill biodegradable?
Yes.  Tunnel Fill is  mostly natural and 100% non-toxic and 100% bio-degradable and safe near water systems, streams, and other sensitive areas.

Is Tunnel Fill dangerous?
If you are a gopher.

 One Tunnel Fill tube fills up to 50 ln ft. of Gopher Tunnels after water is added!

Tunnel Fill can be used with any burrow including gophers, moles, squirrels, ground hogs, woodchucks, voles, skunks, badgers, rabbits, and more! 

Prevent landscape or yard damage by filling otherwise empty tunnels! Add water and watch Tunnel Fill expand and turn into an applesauce consistency. Tunnel Fill uses natural spices to deter rodents from coming back! 

No special license required for using Tunnel Fill, it is biodegradable, non-toxic, family and pet safe!


Tunnel Fill has an applesauce consistency and should not be above the ground. Seal all gopher holes with a Wonder Soil Tunnel Plug


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