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Tunnel Fill Bag - Fills 200 Linear Feet of Gopher Tunnels

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Backfill burrows with Tunnel Fill! Tunnel Fill can be used with any animal burrow including gophers, moles, squirrels, ground hogs, woodchucks, voles, skunks, badgers, rabbits, and more! Tunnel Fill is made from a mixture of coco coir, natural pest deterring spices, and other natural ingredients. Biodegradable, non-toxic, family and pet safe!

Tunnel Fill expands to fill the animal burrow instantly when water is added! Prevent landscape or yard damage by filling otherwise empty tunnels! Tunnel Fill uses natural spices to deter rodents from coming back! The applesauce consistency prevents rodents from digging it out! Tunnel Fill is non-toxic, family and pet safe! There is no special license required for using Tunnel Fill!

How to use Tunnel Fill:

Find the entrance/exit holes to the rodent's burrow and open them up with a shovel. Pour a handful of Tunnel Fill wafers down the hole. Then use your hose to flush water down starting on high pressure for one minute then reduce to medium pressure for two minutes. Go to the other end of the tunnel and repeat. It is important to wait after you add water for the product to fully expand.

If needed, go back to the first hole and add more water at a medium flow for a few minutes, then repeat on second end. Tunnel Fill will expand to completely fill a tunnel as it absorbs the water. Wait after adding water for the product to fully expand.

Seal all gopher holes with a Wonder Soil Tunnel Plug! Tunnel Fill has an applesauce consistency and should not be above the ground. It is designed to be below ground with soil above it. Make sure the Tunnel Plug sits on top of the tunnel and fills in 3-4 inches below the surface to seal the entrance or exit holes!

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