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Worm Castings

Stimulate root and plant growth. They also contribute to water conservation. They are a a natural form of released plant food that reduce toxins from the soil to keep plants healthy


Nature's soil inoculants. They are tiny fungal filaments that work symbiotically with plant roots by expanding the root system which helps the roots absorb more moisture and nutrients


The nutrients from the organic decaying remains of plants and animals absorbed by soil-dwelling microorganisms and bacteria. It acts as a sponge by slowing drainage so the soil stays moist longer


Norwegian kelp has 70 minerals, trace elements, growth hormones, vitamins, enzymes, and proteins that promote better mineral uptake, root growth, and resistance to disease, insects and frost.

Educational Grab & Grow Kit

Video Below

Grab & Grow Illustration

In the past 6 months Wonder Soil has sold over 5,000 Grab & Grow Kits to schools across America. The University of Maryland SNAP-Ed Program has been a huge supporter, and user of our Grab & Grow Kits.

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Premium Organic Cube

This 10 LB Cube expands to an astounding 2 cu ft as seen in the video. This is the ONLY environmental friendly dry compressed coco coir mix with added amendements of worm casting, mycorrhizae, kelp, nutrients and more!

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Grow with Us

15 reviews
Excellent Potting Soil

Wonder Soil is great! It's clean, my plants love it and expands as it claims! It's my preferred choice.

easy to use and store

Wonder Soil is a very good potting medium.


I applied one combo pack to a system of rat burrows over 100 sq feet. That night, we watched a few escapees return to try to get back in... with no luck. We've been fighting this for months with poison and traps with little success. I'm optimistic we turned a corner now that there's no where for them to live. And it's way cheaper than an exterminator!

Premium Organic Coco Coir Cube

If only it weren’t so expensive....

This doesn’t go anywhere near as far as I was hoping it would and thus it is VERY expensive. It does seem to work though. I had a small hole near a gate that I tested on. It took about a half a canister plus two plugs to fill but the squirrels didn’t dig it back up the next day. So the only problem is that I have major caverns to fill throughout my yard and I will probably need a prohibitive amount of tunnel fill to do it.