The ONLY Compressed Coco Coir with nutrients!

Wonder Soil is a patented dry compressed coco coir growing medium with added amendments of worm castings, mycorrhizae, kelp, water saving polymers, and more! Pre-mixed and ready to use, just add water and watch it grow!

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Made from Natural Renewable Resources

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It has been so hot here in California and the drought and water restrictions have taken a real toll on the grass... although I don't mind since we moved into a house that really does not have any grass (except one itty bitty yard). Easy to use... just sprinkle on and water. The lawn grew back rather quickly and looks great! It did take a few days to really grow back and I had to remind myself to water it down but overall I am really pleased with how great it looks and how easy this was to use... I absolutely recommend!!


Love it! Works just as describes. When you add water, it makes an AMAZING amount of soil-like product! Probably twice as much as I would've guess. Holds moisture well. Very light and airy, as opposed to compressed and heavy soil. A couple of weeks ago, I planted some seeds, as well as a few transplants. Everything is healthy and strong. The lettuce plants just began to show a few days ago! I'm a fan!

Lisa G

This is a very simple and clean way to fill your raised bed garden. I was able to plant my garden in no time and with very little help. My soil was delivered to my door and it is compact enough that I able to lift the little bales of soil to the garden myself. You actually add water and fluff. My seedlings also seem to love this Wonder Soil, they have been in the soil for only one week and it is clear that they are established already!

Home Depot Customer

Gardening Therapy With Wonder Soil Cubes


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Cactus and Succulent Mix

Amazing Product

So I have made two orders of the succulent mix, best soil I have ever used. So glad that this company was recommended to me. Buying from my local nurseries or big box stores was nothing more than a bag of sticks and bark, Wonder Soil even smells better. I have 68 pots of succulents and have changed ever one of them now with Wonder Succulent Mix. Some of my pots, just because it gets so humid here on the east coast in the summer, I add a little more perlite. Other than that my plants are thriving. Thank You!


Have used it for years

Premium Organic Coco Coir Sheets

5 Star Best Soil EVER

We have used Wonder Soil for 6 years for our home garden and raised beds. We have seen healthy vegis and our fruit trees have never had more sweet delicious fruit. We live in the desert and this is the perfect soil for our dry area. Our Peaches are sweet and juicy and plums are tart and very juicy. Strawberries were sweet and abundant this summer, our Cava Oranges are red inside and great for eating. Thank you Patty and Wonder Soil.