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Cactus and Succulent Mix With Nutrients (3 lb.)

Cactus and Succulent Mix With Nutrients (3 lb.)

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Transform your home into a desert oasis with our pre-mixed Cactus and Succulent Mix! Simply add water and watch Wonder Soil expand up to 5x its original 3 lb. size - enough for 12 quarts of ready-to-use soil that's rich in nutrients. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to watch your succulents and cactus reach their fullest potential!

With more ingredients than our competitors, this 3-lb bag will help your cacti and succulents thrive like never before!

Discover the most luxurious mix for your cacti and succulents. Our special blend of coco coir and organic nutrients will enhance the environment of your plants and offer optimum aeration, drainage, and absorption of vital nutrients. 

Amount of Wonder Soil you will need for commonly used pots and containers:

4" pot: 1/3 cup

6" pot: 2/3 cup

1 quart: 1 1/4 cups

1 gallon: 5 cups or 1 lb.

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Coco coir, worm castings, mycorrhizae, kelp, pumice and potassium polyacrylate polymers.


1. Measure amount of Wonder Soil needed and pour it into the pot.

2. Add the water slowly and watch it expand.

3. Stir to aerate after completely expanded. Plant as usual. Do not over water. Add additional soil and water as needed.

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Wonder Soil

is the only environmental friendly dry compressed coco coir mix with added amendments of worm castings, mycorrhizae, kelp, nutrients and more!

Our products have outstanding water retention with dependable drainage and aeration in the root zone. Save up to 50% of water, fertilizer, and seed to help your plants thrive!

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Donna Gay
Great for indoor terrarium!

When my plants needed a restart, I used Wondersoil. Unbelievably easy to use and sooo much better than lugging bags of potting soil home. Fun to watch it expand and my plants are smiling!

Arabella Hutson

Want to buy a dolphin plant and burro tail. Would this soil work?

Hi Arabella,
Thanks for your interest in our products.
This soil works for all varieties of succulents & cactus varieties. Just watch out of the level of moisture and do not overwatering.

Geneva Baty
Is this soil good for Christmas and Thanksgiving cactuses. Please let me know.

Is this soil good for Christmas and Thanksgiving cactuses. Please let me know.

Hi Geneva,

Thanks for your interest in our products!
Our Cactus & Succulent Mix works for all cactus and succulent varieties. We invite you to try it!

Happy Gardening!
Wonder Soil Family.

succulent mix a winner

So easy to plant and use. will use again

Gale, Thank you for you review. We are happy our succulent soil worked for your little friends!


have yet to try as need warmer weather to re-pot