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Classroom Gardening Kit (30 - Coco Coir Pots) Wafer and Seeds Included

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WONDER SOIL's 30 Pot Classroom Gardening Kit comes with 30 biodegradable 3 in. pots, expanding Seed Starting wafers and either marigold or bean seeds. This kit is ideal for classroom teachers who want to peak their students interest in growing, nature, science and the environment. The pots are breathable and provide an ideal environment for growth. The pots come with soil wafers and seeds, so all you have to do is open up the package and just add water. The roots will penetrate the bottom of the pot and can be transplanted into a larger pot of into the ground.

  • (30) 3 in. coir pots with wafers and seeds (marigold or beans)
  • A great tool for teachers and classroom environments
  • Coir pots are natural and transplantable
  • Coir pots can be planted directly into the soil of a garden with the plant still contained
  • A 1-stop shop for planting programs
  • No added fillers

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