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Premium Seed, Mulch, and Fertilizer

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Wonder Soil SuperSeed combines our premium coir, organics, and grass seed creating the perfect lawn product. Our dry formula will expand instantly up to 7 times when water is added, so one 10lb bag will cover up to 300 sq ft. Because of all the great ingredients already in Wonder Soil SuperSeed, you will not need to feed your lawn for up to 4 months. SuperSeed is non-toxic, child and pet safe - Our coir holds 8 to 9 times its weight in water, so your lawn will require less watering. Other key features:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Faster fuller germination
  • Promotes better aeration & drainage
  • Does not freeze
  • Organically and mineral enriched
  • Can be used with existing soil or used alone
  • Holds 22% air even with fully saturated
  • Extremely easy to rehydrate after being dehydrated - Never shrinks, cracks or produces a crust

Select Type of Seed - Fescue, Rye, or Bermuda

Ingredients: Wonder Soil Coir, Seed, Worm Castings, Humus, Kelp, Gypsum, Azomite, Polymers, Biosol, Mycorrhizae

Can be broadcast quickly in most spreaders

Spread Rate

1 lb = 30 sq ft

10 lbs = 300 sq ft

50 lbs = 1,500 sq ft

1000 lbs = 30,000 sq ft

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