Premium Organic Coco Coir Cube With Nutrients

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Coco Coir With Nutrients

Our Premium Organic Coco Coir Cube expands up to 2 1/2 cu ft after water is added!

Wonder Soil is the only environmental friendly dry compressed coco coir mix with added amendments of worm castings, mycorrhizae, kelp, nutrients and more!

Pre-mixed and ready to use, just add water and watch Wonder Soil expand up to 5x!

Wonder Soil has outstanding water retention with dependable drainage and aeration in the root zone. Save up to 50% of water, fertilizer, and seed to help your plants thrive!

Perfect for Seed Starting, Microgreens, Flowers, Herb Garden, Vegetables, Fruits, Wheatgrass, Cat Grass, and more! 


1. Place the cube in a wheelbarrow and slowlyadd 4-5 gallons of water.

2. While the cube is expanding, remove loose soil and rotate the cube in the water to expand more.

3. After the cube is completely expanded, mix well.

4. Plant and fertilize as needed with more Wonder Soil.

Ingredients: Coco coir, worm castings, mycorrhizae, kelp, and humus

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Customer Reviews

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Mona Davis
Great for GreenStalk!

Two cubes (with some leftover) perfect to fill 5 tier leaf planter.


I have used this product for all my seed starting and I have to say I've gone from failure to 100% success with it. I'm not a pro at gardening but I have been gardening for many years so between this product and the seed companies I use now(super important) I can say this, BUY IT. I am not joking and it is pricey but add it to your gardening budget and you can buy less seed. I used only 1 seed per cell this year to experiment with my seeds and this soil. Only 2 of 60 didnt germinate. There is my 2 cents.

Chrisanne Olsen
Love this product

Not only do I love it, I recently asked a client to purchase 8 cubes for her home in Park City, which she did and another is about to place an order for 12 cubes! It is very dry in Utah this year...thanks for helping stretch every ounce of water! My transplants have loved their new environment!!

sandra richards

Premium Organic Coco Coir Cube

Micheal Judson

I've had some of the healthiest plants since I've started using Wonder Soil.